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Meet the Student Council

The student council is a group of students who were elected by the student body to represent them at a university level; they are responsible for organising events and recreational activities throughout the academic year. However, they are also a group of highly motivated individuals who genuinely aspire to make each academic year as rewarding and exciting as possible and are always there to help. Each rep has their own responsibilities however; they are all able to help in any way necessary. All students are encouraged to feel free to share any suggestions or ideas with the student council at any time throughout the year. Below you have the chance to meet them all prior to arriving at university!

Dimitris Christoforou

Contact: [email protected]

“Hello UCLanians, my name is Dimitris Chirstoforou but everybody calls me Jimmy! I am studying Accounting and finance and my goal is to complete my studies and become a chartered accountant. My experience at UCLan Cyprus so far has been awesome and I am the organiser of the Latin dance club, I would like to build of this and strengthen the social connection between us as students. The student council this year is a group of highly enthusiastic and energetic individuals and I would love to spread this attitude throughout our student body. I have been doing taekwondo for 18 years and have a black belt with 3 dans, and I also hope to become a professional billiards player!”

Alex Charalambous (Vice President)

Contact: [email protected]

“Hi all, hope you had a good summer! My name is Alex Charalambous, I am a 3rd year Psychology student here at UCLan Cyprus, and I will representing you this year as part of the student council. I am football crazy and you will find me with the UCLan team on Mondays and Wednesdays for training and of course match days. I plan to use my Psychology knowledge along with my football experience to become a successful coach. I am also a professional DJ with 15 years experience so don’t be surprised if you see me behind the decks somewhere in Cyprus. As the student council, we are here to enhance your experience this year, and we will do our best to make sure this year is the best yet! So on behalf of the 2019/20 student council, welcome to all new students and welcome back to the rest of you!”

Mahdi Hijazi (International Representative)

Contact: [email protected]

“My name is Mahdi Hijazi, I speak French, English, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic! Do not hesitate to ask for help or if you need any guidance!”

Maria Gavrilova (Secretary)

Contact: [email protected]

“Hi Everyone! My name is Maria and I am a 3rd year Hospitality and Tourism management student. My family is fond of traveling which is what led me to choose this degree. I am passionate about hospitality and tourism and really want to work in hotels in the future. I also like cooking, fitness and theatre. I am here to make life at UCLan even better and more exciting for everyone this year!”

Dmitri Novoselov (Activities Representative)

Contact: [email protected]

“Hello my name is Dmitri and I am ambitious and driven. I always challenge myself and constantly look for any opportunity to do better, achieve greatness and become a better version of myself.”

Antreas Andreou (Activities Representative)

Contact: [email protected]

“Hello my friends! My name is Antreas Andreou and I’m studying Web design & Development. In the I want to become a businessman and create my own websites. Since I was a kid I have been in the Cyprus international running team. I am a 100m sprinter and have 2 gold medals at the European championships. My dream to go to the 2020 Olympic games. I love listening to RnB, Rock and all different kinds of music. I also enjoy drawing, travelling and other sports such as climbing! I want to create lots of interesting opportunities for fun this year at University! Nice to meet you all!”

Kyriaki Charalambous (Treasurer)

Contact: [email protected]

“Hi guys! My name is Kyriaki Charalambous and I am a proud UCLanian, I am a 3rd year Business Administration student and want to gain lots of knowledge and skills and be ready to step out into the competitive business world! I work whilst I study because I want to apply the theory I learn in practice. Travelling, spending time with my loved ones, studying and sleeping are what I love to do with my free time! Balance is everything in live and optimism leads to success! Have an enjoyable and productive year UCLanians and whatever you need, the student council is here to support and guide you.”