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School of Sciences


Data Analytics is the science that allows decision makers to unveil new business insights by examining large amounts of data to uncover hidden patterns, correlations and other important insights. This course is designed to provide graduates and working professionals with knowledge and a diverse set of skills that span across all layers of the knowledge discovery stack including storage, mining, analytics, decision support frameworks and visualisations, as well as practical experience with modern tools.

In particular, students will learn how to (i) analyse large data sets and summarize their main characteristics with the use of attractive data visualisations; (ii) design and create databases that allow organisations to efficiently manage and query their enterprise data; (iii) discover patterns in large data sets with established techniques from various fields such as statistics, machine learning and artificial intelligence; and (iv) understand today’s turbulent business environment and learn how modern BI tools enable organisations to survive and excel.



Masters Project 30
Exploratory Data Analysis 10
Critical Analysis 10
Exploratory Data Analysis 10
Enterprise Data Management 10
Knowledge Discovery 10
Business Intelligence and Data Analytics 10
Information Security Management 10
Advanced Topics in Human Computer Interaction 10
Design Away from the Desktop 10


This course is designed to provide graduates and working professionals with skills that enable them to organise, analyse, explore, interpret and visualise their data, as well as acquire practical experience with modern tools. These skills can be used in virtually every industry domain that uses data, such as Banking Consumer, Healthcare, Energy, Manufacturing, Technology, etc.

Additionally, the course provides a multitude of career options in both national and international data analytics companies such as Data Analytics Business Consultant, Data Analytics Architect, Data Engineer, Data Solution Architect, Data Analyst, Analytics Associate, Business Intelligence and Analytics Consultant, Metrics and Analytics Specialist, and many more.