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MSc Sport & Exercise Science


The MSc in Sport and Exercise Science is designed to develop students’ knowledge in the area of sport and exercise science with emphasis in exercise based rehabilitation and musculoskeletal management and prevention. Injury prevention and management is a major concern among fitness professionals and sports teams as it can be considered one of the major economic burdens due to the direct and indirect costs it bears.

The programme combines an integrated curriculum with state of the art learning material and facilities to further the knowledge, skills and abilities of sport science graduates, sports rehabilitators, sport therapists, physiotherapists and other health professionals currently working in the area of sports injury rehabilitation and prevention. The programme also incorporates hands on practical sessions for the application of the theoretical knowledge gained. As a result, programme graduates are well equipped for careers in any type of fitness industry or business, since they have knowledge on the complete spectrum of the theoretical background and management of sporting injuries and exercise rehabilitation. Furthermore, graduates will possess the key theoretical exercise rehabilitation skills along with their practical applications for special populations, such as diabetics, heart disease patients, stroke patients and individuals suffering from decreased mobility due to neurological conditions.

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• Research Project for Sport Exercise & Nutritional Scientists
• Research Methods for Sport, Exercise & Nutritional Sciences
•Advanced skills for Sport & Exercise Practitioners

• Management Strategies for Sport Injuries
• Prevention Strategies for Sports Injuries
• Sports and Exercise for Special Population Groups

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Career Options

Upon successful completion of the MSc Sport and Exercise Science, graduates will be able to take a lead role in sports injury rehabilitation and make a difference for their clients. The programme prepares graduates for numerous diverse or specific careers, including but not limited to, personal trainers for special populations, specialists at rehabilitation centers, assistants to physiotherapy centres, and fitness coaches at professional sports teams. In addition, graduates will be able to work in public enterprises, hospitals and sport organizations. Also, given the increasing number of private fitness enterprises in Cyprus that are concentrating in special populations, currently, there is a local need for specialists in sports and exercise rehabilitation.

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