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MBA Master of Business Administration


Part-Time study also available as Distance Learning.

The MBA is the world’s most renowned business management qualification via an intensive programme, specifically designed for those wishing either to establish or sustain a successful managerial or professional career.

The course is an ideal platform for individuals who have acquired at least three years in a managerial, technical or professional role.

Taught by highly experienced and qualified tutors, who will provide guidance for the completion of an MBA dissertation, the MBA provides a rigorous process of personal and managerial development in which you are encouraged and expected to make your own unique contribution.


• Accounting & Finance
• Leadership and Management
• Contemporary Marketing Principles
• Managing People
• Fundamentals of Economics
• Operations Management Strategy
• Strategy and International Management
• New Enterprise Venture Development
• Data Analytics
• Designing a Research Project
• Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice
• Dissertation

• Professional Placement

Part Time Distance Learning

Year 1

• Accounting and Finance
• Contemporary Human Resource Management
• Management and Organizations
• Management Environment
• Contemporary Marketing in Organizations
• Data Analytics

Year 2

• Strategic Management
• Management Consulting Project
• Management Learning and Research
• Operations Management

Year 3

• Dissertation
• Management Coaching Skills

Career Options

Acquired knowledge covers a range of managerial topics that allows candidates to advance their management and business careers. Employability is also embedded in this programme, which contains several features that support working lives; an emphasis on continuous learning and personal development, reflective practice, teamwork and client skills, and contact with business through applied projects and cases.

In addition, the subject material of the programme covers multinational and global corporations, local businesses, small and medium size enterprises, and start-ups. This broad applicability, combined with the personal capability that the programme engenders, creates highly competent individuals whose value is recognised by employers, as well as giving them the ability to become enterprising individuals.

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