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Dr. Antri Kanikli leads UCLan Cyprus in award-winning Erasmus+ project ‘’Planting Languages

Dr. Antri Kanikli, Partner Leader the Erasmus+ project “Planting Languages”, and the rest of the project team were awarded an EPOS quality label by the National Agency in Brussels.

“Planting Languages” developed Family Language Policy (FLP) tools for immigrants that allowed them to address the challenge of raising their children multilingually. The tools have been published online, and they can be freely accessed by multilingual parents. 

Dr. Kanikli stated that “the EPOS quality label reflects the outstanding work that has been conducted in the framework of the “Planting Languages” project. The project’s relevance, quality and impact got an excellent score when they were evaluated by the National Agency in Brussels. I am very proud that I played a leading role in this project, which has significantly benefitted  the society by providing parents with the tools to support their children in multilingual acquisition.”  

Antri is now the Partner Leader of the “Tonga School” Erasmus+ project (Oct. 2023- Sept. 2026), which aims at enhancing the communication between plurilingual families and schools. Both projects effectively support parents in multilingual upbringing.