Research by School of Business & Management

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The School of Business and Management places academic research at the core of its strategic mission and aspires to become one of the leading local business schools; a research-oriented institution of international repute. More specifically, our research strategy builds on five strands: advancing theoretical and conceptual thinking ; broadening our expertise in terms of research methodologies; informing on best practice ; contributing to the policy debate; and building partnerships across networks of stakeholders representing university research centres; business associations, professional bodies; and enterprise development agencies.

Currently, there are five research clusters in the school:

Governance and Finance, covering topics such as: financial and management accounting systems ; governance and performance; capital structure of growing firms, and entrepreneurial finance.

Entrepreneurship, The Entrepreneurship Cluster is a research group of UCLan Cyprus aiming to advance and promote research-related activities in the field of entrepreneurship. The goals of the Entrepreneurship Cluster are aligned with the purpose and goals of CEDAR [Centre for Entrepreneurial Development Alliance & Research – )

Hospitality and Tourism, covering topics such as: sustainable and green tourism, dark tourism, and sports tourism.

International Business , covering topics such as: multicultural management paradigms; leadership, sustainable business , CSR, innovation networks, and consumerism.

Education and Linguistics, covering TESOL methodologies , educational leadership and innovation in education

The School in collaboration with CEDAR is very active locally, regionally and internationally , in terms of research cooperation, knowledge transfer and engagement with industry, SMEs, family firms, and entrepreneurs across the business life cycle.

Funded Projects and Collaborations

  • GreFORM
  • OECD project, reporting on Inclusive Entrepreneurship
  • TEVEA Survey of Touristic Developments – the role of all-inclusive tourism

Specialisation of Faculty and Associates

  • Professor Panikkos Poutziouris, Entrepreneurship, Family Business
  • Dr Anthi Avloniti, Marketing Management
  • Dr Panayiotis Constanti, HRM and Leadership
  • Dr Loukas Glyptis, Governance Management Accounting Systems
  • Dr Elias Hadjielias, Entrepreneurship, Family Business
  • Dr Isabella Karasamani, Corporate Finance
  • Dr Salomi Demetriou, Green Accounting
  • Dr Panayiotis Kontakos, International Economics and Entrepreneurship
  • Dr Olga Kvasova, Marketing
  • Dr Ioanna Stylianou, Economics
  • Dr Aspasia Similidou, Emotional labour in the hospitality industry
  • Dr Irina Lokhtina, SME Management and Innovation
  • Dr. Antri Georgiadou
  • Dr. (cand) Katerina Antoniou, Dark Tourism

Research Associates

  • Konstantinos Melas (PhD Candidate), Shipping Finance
  • Demetris Markou (PhD scholar), Modelling Entrepreneurial growth


  • Dr Maria Zeniou, Innovation in Education
  • Dr Andri Kanikli, TESOL
  • Dr Sviatlana Karpava, TESOL
  • Dr Olga Michael, English Literature and Linguistics