Research Projects

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The University is committed to enhancing theoretical knowledge and skills through applied research for the benefit of society, economy and industry. To that end, UCLan Cyprus has established research areas that engage with local and international academic, business, and professional communities and industries. For example, CEDAR- the Centre for Entrepreneurial Development, Alliance and Research develops interdisciplinary research and builds synergetic partnerships across university networks, industry, professions and policy makers. The CISCO Networking Academy is another example of knowledge transfer engagement in which events such as the CISCO CCNA Exploration helps students prepare themselves for successful IT careers in small-to medium business, and in enterprise and service provider environments. Furthermore, the “SK Energy Training School & Research Centre” provides the foundations for research work conducted in the energy development sector especially in the field of hydrocarbons. The Centre applies its expertise in the professional training of young Cypriots to enable them to secure employment in the energy sector. In line with our commitment to support early career researchers, the University has appointed a number of joint PhD scholars, who work with international researchers in the University on joint collaborative research projects with UCLan UK and other universities nationally and across Europe

Research Projects:

  • December 2013: Alumni Small Grant Projects
    Nearchos Paspallis was awarded a grant from Fulbright Cyprus in the context of the Alumni Small Grant projects. The project involves the organization of an event, to be hosted at UCLan Cyprus, where high school students will be invited to have a fun day while learning about coding and why it is considered so important in today’s professional environment. The requested funding from Fulbright was €3025.
  • December 2013: Alumni Small Grant Projects
    The project titled “The Effect of Epistemological Beliefs and Bi-Communal Interaction on Prejudice (My side Bias) in Cyprus” proposed by Kalypso Iordanou (Principal Investigator), who is a Lecturer in Psychology at UCLan Cyprus, and Panayiota Kendeou, who is an Associate Professor in Educational Psychology at the University of Minnesota in the United States, has been selected for award in the context of the Alumni Small Grants Competition. This competition is supported by the Cyprus American Alumni Network (CAAN), the Cyprus Fulbright Commission and the U.S. Embassy in Nicosia. The study aims to examine the effect of beliefs on knowledge and bi-communal interaction on my side bias, that is people’s tendency to favour one-sided thinking rather than two-sided thinking.
  • January 2014: Major Research Grant at UCLan Cyprus
    UCLan Cyprus is part of a high-profile Consortium which was awarded a research contract by the European Commission of 1,496,992 Euros. The group consisting of research organisations, universities and industry associations had submitted an application for funding to the 7th Framework Programme and was selected ahead of all others to conclude an agreement. UCLan Cyprus receives a share of 157,103 Euros for the 3.5 year project. The title of the project is “Responsible Research and Innovation in Business and Industry in the Domain of ICT for, Health, Demographic Change and Wellbeing”. The project lead in Cyprus is Prof Doris Schroeder from the Law School; joining her are Dr Nearchos Paspallis and Dr Konstantinos Iatridis
    ARTISAN is an innovative project, aiming to have a practical application once it is completed. The project has as its main aim to develop an innovative entrepreneurship programme for the family members in artisan and agro-tourism family businesses.
  • GreForm
    GReFORM) – Good Governance enhancement through e-Learning for Sport Volunteer Board Members
    UCLan Cyprus in collaboration with CEDAR has initiated the project GReForm. The latter is a transnational project aiming to increase the capabilities of volunteer Board Members in sport organisations by providing online education on good governance in sport (a certificate of successful completion will be provided). The establishment of an online learning portal will allow volunteer Board Members of sports organisations – in their own time, and at no cost – to follow a series of educational courses explaining Good Governance at various levels. In line with the relevant European policies and co-funded programmes in the field of sport, the project aims to create an academic online platform providing informal education taking into account the limited time availability of Volunteer Board Members. The identification, collection and sharing of good practices in the field of good governance in sport and the publication of the relevant e-book will be a useful tool for the sport organisations in implementing the good governance principles, e.g. Integrity, Accountability, Transparency, Democracy, Participation and Inclusivity.