Erasmus staff mobility

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Erasmus staff mobility

Staff can also participate in Erasmus + for teaching or training purposes.

Staff can carry out a mobility activity from 2 days to 2 months, excluding travel time.

In cases of academic staff going for teaching purposes, teaching activity must comprise from a minimum of 8 hours of teaching per week.

Incoming staff from partner universities
UCLan Cyprus welcomes staff applications throughout the year but to facilitated better organisation of the mobility, we encourage incoming staff to inform the Erasmus Officer about their visit at least 2 months in advance. To view the teaching period at UCLan Cyprus please click here Academic Calendar

In order for the mobility to take place, there must be an existing Inter-Institutional Agreement between the sending institution and UCLan Cyprus. For a list of the partner institutions please click here. (this link doesn’t exist yet)

If your university is not on this list please contact [email protected] to discuss a potential collaboration.

Benefits of staff mobility
UCLan Cyprus encourages staff to participate in Erasmus+ activities.

Staff from any department can benefit from training abroad and improving their skills to better serve the university and accommodate the needs of students.

Mobility of teaching staff can strengthen partnerships and research activities between higher education institutions. Students can also benefit from this international experience as they will be taught by lecturers of different expertise in their field of interest.

The staff mobility activities can also be used for networking purposes, exchange of good practices and for discussing potential traineeships for students in the industry or an educational setting.

Application for UCLan Cyprus Staff
Staff will be informed internally when applications will be open. The deadline for submitting an application is the 15th of October. Applications will be assessed by the Erasmus Committee and priority will be given to high impact mobilities and to staff who has not participated in Erasmus+ in previous years. If not all places are absorbed after the first call, the Erasmus Committee will decide on a second call and announce the deadline for this internally.

Staff with disabilities are encouraged to participate in the Erasmus programme and additional funding can be requested for items such as special equipment, guide etc. Please speak with Erasmus Officer for further details.

– Additional information can be found here:

Available funding
Travel support: Participants receive the amount which corresponds to the distance between Larnaca and the destination as calculated by the distance calculator:



* The participants who will travel ‘’Green’’ are entitled to 4 extra subsistence days.

Individual support is given on a daily basis to assist with accommodation and subsistence. Participants receive funding for 1 day before travel or 1 day before and 1 day after travel.



Please note that typically a staff member receives the Average amount. In case the staff member will be staying with family or friends they will receive the minimum amounts. In case the staff member provides proof that the costs associated with the activity are high, the maximum amount will be given.

The amounts outlined in the table above apply up to the 14th day of activity. Between the 15th and 60th day of activity, the participant will receive 70% of the daily amount.