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by Mr. Floros Voniatis, CEO and Chair of the Council.

It is with great pleasure to welcome you to our University!

As an introduction, let me start by explaining the competitive advantage of our University. The University of Central Lancashire, Cyprus (UCLan Cyprus), is the first Branch Campus of the University of Central Lancashire and at the same time a fully licensed and registered University in Cyprus. UCLan Cyprus is a unique and innovative model of a Cypriot and British University Educational Experience, approved and validated by both the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus and the UK Quality Assurance Agency (QAA), for Higher Education.

The rewarding experience of a mutually supportive collaboration came into fruition in 2012 when Cyprus welcomed its first UK University, UCLan Cyprus, on the island. The University of Central Lancashire (UCLan), the fourth largest University in the UK, located in Preston, through its recently developed strategy of developing educational satellites around the globe, showed a strong interest in Cyprus as the first step in this mission, primarily due to the geopolitical position and the large local demand for UK higher education in Cyprus. After researching the best location for their branch campus and the local procedures for setting up a University, UCLan chose Larnaka as the ideal strategic location to establish the first British University on the island.

It is widely known that universities are valuable contributors to local economies. Universities are institutions fairly resistant to the fluctuations of the economy allowing them to have a steady presence. The socioeconomic impact of UCLan Cyprus is derived either through knowledge creation, innovation, research and development, or via the direct and indirect income streams flowing into the surrounding economy.

The University is the first and only University in Larnaka and Famagusta region, and one of the biggest employers in the region with over 210 employees. In just a few years of operations, the value-added contribution of UCLan Cyprus has been significant. During the last years of low economic growth in Cyprus and Larnaka, the impact of student and employee activity, much of it occurring after traditional business hours, have helped to revitalize the economy through economic stimulus.

Our strategic vision is to build a leading, pioneering University campus, with a global reach at the crossroads of three continents (Europe, Asia and Africa), ensuring excellence in its provision of Higher Education, while it will be recognised for its commitment to the finest University experience, outstanding research, innovative learning and valuable engagement with industry and communities within Cyprus, the Eastern Mediterranean, the Middle East and further afield.

That is why we keep ensuring that the University’s infrastructure and facilities are such that will provide valuable benefits to students, staff, and of course to the local community, for many years to come. The quality of the amenities offered cannot be matched neither within the city nor the region. Thus, the reason UCLan Cyprus won the sought-after award for the Most Innovative Educational Facility, amongst top competition from UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

In addition to the exceptional facilities, the university’s programmes and services contribute positively to the quality of life in the area. Our philosophy has always been to be sensitive to how the local economy and the citizens can benefit from the combination of our capital spending, the employment opportunities that result from University operational needs, and the many cultural, educational, and social services delivered by our faculty, staff, and students.

We are very proud of our commitment to our students, our staff, and the social and corporate community, locally and internationally. 

Mr. Floros Voniatis 

CEO and Chair of the Council


A warm welcome to UCLan Cyprus, the Enterprising British University delivering educational and training programmes to local and international students, but also to professionals living and working in Cyprus and beyond.

The vision of the University of Central Lancashire Cyprus is to be recognised as a world-class, research-led University, competing successfully and sustainably within a national and international market. We are a University that is recognised for its commitment to outstanding teaching and practical learning, impactful research, innovative thinking and knowledge transfer that adds value to socio-economic and scientific development across frontiers.

Our faculty and scholars are distinguished for pioneering initiatives and engagement with industry, professions, entrepreneurs and stakeholder communities.

The interaction of research and knowledge transfer with high quality educational and training programmes ensure a currency of knowledge and skills development that in turn will lead graduates to employability routes and access to Postgraduate activities.

Professor Panikkos Poutziouris BA Economics, MBA, PhD