CIEL: Cluster of Innovative Education and Linguistics

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CIELL: Cluster of Innovative Education, Linguistics & Literature

The Education and Linguistics Cluster UCLan Cyprus research group aims to advance and promote research-based activities in the field of innovative education and linguistics including technology-enhanced learning and leadership.

CIEL Activities
• Research publications contributing to academic knowledge in the field of education
• MA research work in the field of educational leadership and TESOL
• PhD research work in educational research including leadership, TESOL and technology- enhanced learning topics
• Organising and running seminars and workshops focusing on research in educational innovation and TESOL
• Research proposals for EU funding (e.g. Horizon 2020, Erasmus +) in areas contributing to theory and practice of educational innovation, technology enhanced learning and TESOL
• Participation in interdisciplinary proposals on topics related to learning innovation and societal issues

Research themes
• Innovation in education and TESOL
• School governance, leadership, learning analytics and collaborative knowledge creation
• Technology-enhanced learning environments including simulations in medical education

Teaching programmes:
– BA in English Language Studies
– MA in Educational Leadership

In cooperation with other universities and stakeholder organizations interested in the promotion of education and linguistics, CIEL have led a number of initiatives, such as: Open forums, development seminars and workshops, involving local and international academics, practitioners, publishing houses, teachers, parents and students.

Academic workshops & Conferences
International Seminars:
Linguistic and Sociolinguistic Perspectives on New Speakers in a Multilingual Europe. University of Central Lancashire, Cyprus, Pyla, 19-20 of October 2015.
Seminar on: ‘New Speakers’ of Russian: Evidence from Russian-speaking mothers from Sweden, Estonia and Cyprus, 10 March 2016, University of Stockholm, Sweden
UCLAN Cyprus Leadership Workshop: Adaptation of Leadership across schools, 22.5.2015, Keynote Speaker: Professor Leonidas Kyriakides, University of Cyprus

Local Seminars
UCLan, Cyprus, Research/Linguistics Group Seminar Series, 2013-2016

UCLan, Cyprus, Educational Leadership Group series, 2014-2016

Research projects & collaborations
CIELL faculty is involved in externally funded projects and collaborations under ERASMUS+, European Science Foundation (ESF) Individuals, Societies, Cultures and Health COST Actions, EU RIA Research and Innovation Action: Technologies for Learning and Skills, Horizon 2020, HRDA supported Executive Courses. Further, the cluster is working on a number of research activities in collaboration with the University of Cyprus and Cyprus University of Technology.

Staff and Research Interests
Dr Maria Zeniou: Collaborative learning and knowledge creation, pedagogic design for authentic and creative learning, innovation technologies, professional development and mindful leadership.

Dr Sviatlana Karpava: Theoretical and applied linguistics, syntax and semantics, first and second language acquisition, bilingualism, multilingualism and dialect acquisition, sociolinguistics, teaching and education.

Dr Antri Kanikli: Language acquisition, language screening tools.

Dr Olga Michael: Gender issues in education, media and culture, female subjectivities and narratives.

Dr Elena Kkese: Theoretical and applied linguistics, second language acquisition, phonetics and phonology, writing and spelling testing and assessment, sociolinguistics.

PhD Students: Elena Matsidi; Peter Yiatrou (joined with INSPIRE)

Associate Faculty: Dr Joanne Doherty, Dr Paul Doherty, Dr Candice Satchwell, Dr Clare L. Winder, UCLan UK

Associate Researcher: PhD Candidate Armineh Shahoumian, Lancaster University UK

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