Professional Development opportunities to our students & alumni

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Professional development opportunities contribute highly to UCLan Cyprus graduates’ employability and for this reason, the annual career events organised by all programmes of study incorporate such elements. Enhancing C.V. / LinkedIn profile to make it appealing to industry recruiters, understanding the needs of the employment market and the significance of seizing any networking opportunity are some of the key aspects in developing as a professional. There is a necessity for “soft skills” throughout ones professional life but more so during the transition from undergraduate studies to professional employment. The smooth transition process is a priority for UCLan Cyprus.

  • Connect our students and research scholars to work in/support institutions in terms of placement – internships;
  • Link with the industry via work-learn modules e.g. BSc Psychology, BA in Hospitality and Tourism Management and others
  • Support fully our Students in terms of Career Advisory and Support
  • Offer Work Placements to our students, via the industry network of the University.
Erasmus+ is the European Unio programme for education,
training, youth and sport. Students of UCLan Cyprus can apply annually to enter a competitive selection process that will allow them to enter a unique opportunity to gain educational experience and/or work experience for up to 12 months in one of the 20+ countries that the university has established an agreement. Erasmus+ aims to modernise education, training and youth work across Europe. Students can seize the opportunity to enhance
their employability skills, personal development and improve their language skills. is an online training and learning site by LinkedIn.
With over 6,400 courses, there are countless opportunities for students to view a quick tutorial on a very wide range of topics from business, technology, and creative skills. It is also very useful for students trying to develop their soft skills especially as these tutorials are given by industry experts who are currently advancing in their area of expertise.

Rosetta stone is one of the world’s leading online language learning programs. It gives students the opportunity to learn a
wide range of languages from all over the world. This has proven to be very useful for international students who wish to learn the basics of Greek to help them out around the island during their studies here in Cyprus. Students who wish to pursue a career abroad have a chance to learn languages, which they will need in the future, as well as offering the opportunity to students who wish to learn another language as part of personal development.