Collaborations & Industry Engagement

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The mission of UCLan Cyprus for excellence in all we do, locally, regionally and internationally, comprises of one main pillar which is working in partnership with businesses, the community and other educators, to accumulate knowledge through experience and practice and applying it back to the industry and society to enhance our local and regional (and even international) partners’ status, achievements and of course growth and development.
The University, the Schools and its Research Centres often conclude to synergetic partnerships with key and upcoming stakeholders by signing Memorandums of Understanding or Collaboration.
The purpose of each Memorandum is to provide the framework for the collaboration between the partner (Company, Association, Ministry or Institution) and UCLan Cyprus and associate Schools or Centres in the areas of teaching, training, research, innovation and entrepreneurship an applied experience. In that respect, the broad objective of every collaboration is to enable the dissemination of high-end know-how and technology transfer to the members and associates of both signatories so that they can enhance their strategic growth potential.

UCLan Cyprus normally agrees with other party to collaborate in order to accomplish some of the following or other mutually benefited objectives:

  • Cooperation in terms of education and training
  • Exchange of knowledge and use of the expertise of both parties on a mutual benefit
  • Use of UCLan Cyprus academics’ knowledge and expertise for procedures and mechanisms in drafting policy proposals,
  • Student workshops and seminars
  • Internship and work placements for UCLan Cyprus students and graduates
  • Joint project (within module) or thesis supervision (BSc, MSc, PhD)
  • Co-participation in EU and other funding programmes
  • Exchange of corporate services
  • Common promotional projects
  • Joint Research Activities
  • Dual/Joint Degrees, on both academic and professional level
  • Exchange of faculty, staff and students
  • Seminars and Academic Meetings
  • Short-term courses and CPDs
  • Faculty and Senior Leaders can serve on strategic committees and advisory boards and many other that together we might identify in this ever-changing world.

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