Visa Information

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How to Apply for an entry Visa?

International students must apply to the University in the beginning of December/August (according to the period/semester they wish to apply) by submitting the following scanned documents to

  1. A fully completed application form
  2. Attested (certified) copies of school documents (native language & in English)
    • For Undergraduate applicants
      • School leaving certificate
      • Mark sheet
    • For Postgraduate applicants
      •  Bachelor degree
      • Mark sheet
  3. Attested (certified) passport copy
    • Minimum validity 2 years
  4. Attested (certified) Police Certificate (native language & in English)
    • No criminal convictions records
    • Valid for 6 months (from application deadline)
  5. Attested (certified) Medical Certificates (native language & in English)
    • HIV/AIDS
    • Hepatitis B
    • Hepatitis C
    • Syphilis
    • Chest X-Ray report (Tuberculosis) – valid for 4 months (from application deadline)
  6. Attested (certified) Bank Letter & Bank Statement (native language & in English)
    • The bank letter should state that the student or sponsor (father or mother) has the financial ability to support the student’s tuition fees at UCLan Cyprus (the name of the University should be mentioned) and living expenses in Cyprus during the whole study period.
    • A bank statement should accompany the bank letter. The balance of the bank statement (account) must be €7,900 in the last month before the student submits the application to the University. In addition, during the visa interview (if applicable) the student should submit a new/fresh bank statement with the same amount (€7,900) that is in the account maximum 10 days before the visa interview.
    • Bank letter validity should not exceed 6 months from the application date

I. Please make sure that you produce two sets of attested (certified) copies for each original document.

II. In countries that the Cyprus Republic does not have an Embassy/Consulate, all above documents must be sent for attestations to the Embassy/Consulate of the Cyprus Republic that is designated for the country of the student’s residence/nationality. Some examples: (1) Students from Ethiopia & Ghana must send their documents to the Cyprus Republic Embassy in Egypt (Cairo) and then all attested documents must be returned back to the student. (2) Students from Morocco should follow the same procedures and send their documents to the Cyprus Republic Embassy in France.

III. All complete applications must reach the Admissions Office no later than the dates previously specified.

IV. Please make sure you attest your documents from your country’s authorities, as stated in the International Students Visa Information guide. The guide is available here.

Once you complete all the necessary attestations and collection of all documents, you must send scanned copies to the Admissions Office in order to proceed with the visa formalities and submit them to the Migration Department of Cyprus. All documents will be evaluated and a decision will be communicated to the University.
After your documents are approved, you will then be notified (from the University) with the interview dates that you must appear to the Cyprus Embassy/Consulate to obtain your visa.

The issuance of visa varies according to your country of origin and therefore, for some countries the visa is issued from the Migration Department of Cyprus and is given to the University. The University is responsible for sending the visa (Temporary Entry Permit) to the student for entering Cyprus.

For other nationalities the visa is issued from the Embassy/Consulate of Cyprus in the country of residence of the applicant (after a short interview) and is attached in the student’s passport. This visa is valid only for a limited number of days after arrival and it must be renewed immediately. The student must visit the Admissions Office of the University to arrange for its renewal and apply for the Temporary Residence Permit (Pink Slip).

Students that will visit the Embassy/Consulate of Cyprus to obtain their visa must make sure that all their documents [originals (except passport and school documents) and attested copies (all documents)] are attested by the Embassy/Consulate of Cyprus.