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How to Apply for an entry Visa?

All non-EU students require a student visa to study at UCLan Cyprus. Students must apply within a timeframe given by the University Advisor so that the documents will be submitted to the Migration Authorities and the Ministry of Education for further approval.

Once you have your conditional offer letter, you will need to start gathering all student visa related documents.

Therefore, before you start gathering your Visa documents, please ensure you have completed the below 4 steps:

STEP 1. Complete the application form and pay the application fee. Click here for the application process.

STEP 2. Receive your Offer Letter from your University/Admissions Advisor.

STEP 3. Complete the 1st Deposit/Registration Fee payment of €3000 (Three Thousand Euros). The amount will be deducted from the total payable tuition fees indicated in your Offer Letter.

STEP 4. Complete the Visa Application Fee payment of €210 (Two Hundred and ten Euros), non-refundable.

1. Original attested copies of the below academic documents (native language & in English)

For Undergraduate Applicants
• School leaving certificate and Mark sheet
• English Language Certificate

For Postgraduate Applicants
• Bachelor’s degree and Transcripts
• School leaving certificate and Mark Sheet
• English Language Certificate

2. Original attested copy of passport, minimum validity 2 years.

3. Original attested Police Certificate(native language & in English) with no criminal convictions record and valid for 6 months (from application deadline)

4. Original attested clear Medical Certificates(native language & in English) – validity 4 months for:
• Hepatitis B
• Hepatitis C
• Syphilis
• Chest X-Ray report (Tuberculosis)

Original attested Bank Letter & Bank Statement(native language & in English)
5a. Bank Letter – validity 6 months:

It should include the below:

– Name of the account holder
– Account number
– Balance of the account

5b. Bank Statement – validity 1 month:

It should show the transactions of the account as well as a closing balance of €7,500 (Seven Thousand Five Hundred Euros) in the last month before the student submits the application to the University.

6. Bank swift receipt of €3000 (Three Thousand Euros) partial deposit payment (the amount will be deducted from the total payable fees).

7. Confirmation letter that the student waives any rights to apply for a political asylum (template will be provided by your University Advisor)

8. Sponsorship Letter for applicants under 18 years old (template will be provided by the University Advisor)

9. Visa Application Fee receipt €210 (Two hundred and ten Euros) – non-refundable.

As the attestations vary from country to country, and depending on each document listed above from which country it is issued, please take advise from your University Advisor, to guide you and provide you with all the needed details.

STEP 7. Email the documents to the University Advisor.
All the above documents must first be scanned and sent via email to your University advisor for confirmation.

STEP 8. All ORIGINAL documents must be mailed (by courier) to the University to:

UCLan Cyprus
Admissions Department
12 – 14 University Avenue, Pyla,
7080 Larnaka,
Tel. +357 24 69 40 00

Once the Entry Permit (temporary Visa) is ready, the University Advisor will inform the student, the student will need to make the 2nd part of the deposit payment, of €2000 (Two Thousand Euros), which is also deducted from the agreed tuition fees of year 1, and the University Advisor will email the Entry Permit to the student.


  1. For the Passport copy, the 2 years validity means from the date of arrival in Cyprus. For example, if you start your classes in October 2022 then the minimum expiry date of your passport should not be earlier than October 2024.
  2. For all the other documents, the validity indicated for each of them in Step 5, is estimated from the date expected to submit the documents to Migration Authorities. Your University Advisor will guide you on this.
  3. For nationalities that a visa interview is required, the student must provide the University with scanned copies of the documents via email. The student will hold the original documents and present them during the visa Interview.

All documents will be evaluated by the Migration Department and the Ministry of Education. The decision will be communicated directly to the University and the University advisor will inform the student accordingly.

Please contact your University Advisor or the Admissions Office at [email protected] or at +357 24 69 40 00 for further instructions and assistance on completing your application form.

Upon arrival at Larnaka airport, students will be required to present to the Immigration authorities the following:
• Original passport
• Copy of the Entry Permit (and/or visa stamped on passport)
• Registration Letter by the University
• Receipt of Payment of the Deposit to the University
• Cash money minimum €2,000

The entry permit is valid for travelling to Cyprus and only for a limited number of days after arrival; therefore, it must be renewed immediately with no delays. Failure to do so, may result in cancelation of your student visa.

More information can be acquired by contacting the International Admissions Officer of the University via email at [email protected]

Before the Student Visa application:
– €50 Application fee (non refundable)
– €3000 1st Partial Deposit (deducted from tuition fees)
– €210 Student visa application fee (non refundable)

After the Student Visa application:
– €2000 2nd Partial Deposit (deducted from tuition fees)
– €60 Student Pass (non refundable)

The remaining balance of the tuition fees is paid in instalments throughout the academic year.

All students must open a Bank account with a local Bank and deposit a minimum of €1000.

A UCLan Cyprus student registration letter, a Housing Contract (attested by Notary Public or the Community Council president) and your passport should be presented to the bank when opening a bank account.
Do not forget to ask for a statement of the account once you have deposited €1000.

All medical tests including the x-ray must be re-done once the student arrives in Cyprus.

For the renewal and application of the Temporary Residence Permit (Pink Slip), the following (approximate) charges are applicable:

  • Pink slip application fee €55
  • Medical Insurance €130
  • Medical tests €60 (blood tests & x-ray)

Total €245

According to the Cyprus authorities, students must attend their classes regularly. Students who do not register for an academic year will have to depart from Cyprus.