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Educational Field Trip at KEAN Group by our MBA & BA Business Administration students

On the 16th of November 2023, students from UCLan Cyprus pursuing MBA and BA (Hons) Business Administration, accompanied by Dr. Isabella Karasamani and Dr. Panayiotis Kontakos, Course Leaders of the Accounting and Finance and MBA Programmes respectively, embarked on a visit to KEAN Group. This family business, renowned for its historical significance, success, responsibility, and rapid evolution, holds a prominent position in Cyprus and extends its influence across Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and the USA.

During the visit, students were privileged to partake in an enlightening presentation conducted by the senior management team, which included Mr. George Panagiotou, the Plant Manager, and Mr. Marios Melas, the Procurement Manager. The presentation covered the company’s operations, logistics, processes, systems, facilities, and quality standards. The students also engaged in a Q&A session, delving into the intricacies of the company’s operations, logistics, and the integration of core business processes through the implementation of their ERP system.

With a rich legacy of 75 years in production and distribution, KEAN Group has cultivated a diverse range of leading KEAN-branded products, including juices and soft drinks, exported to over 40 countries. The company’s production capacity extends to providing contract packaging facilities. As a proudly Cypriot enterprise, KEAN Group upholds the values of a responsible family business, fostering a friendly environment for its 200 employees, associates, and consumers. The company remains dedicated to its green philosophy, passion for taste and quality, integral elements of Cyprus’ culture and pride. Despite the challenges of the business environment, KEAN Group looks toward the future with optimism.
The educational excursion commenced with a visit to the remarkable factory situated east of Limassol, along the seafront, spanning over 40 acres. It continued with a comprehensive tour of the company’s production and packaging facilities, concluding with a management presentation and a refreshing session with the company’s signature fresh juices.

Within the Business & Management School at UCLan Cyprus, as part of our study of the module Operations Management & Strategy, we annually coordinate educational business field trips for our students. Our emphasis is on exploring plants, manufacturing industries, operations research institutes, and logistics centers, both within Cyprus and overseas.

The objectives of the trips are to provide opportunities to:
• Enhance our students’ understanding of business operations;
• allow students to see the application of theory in practice;
• enhance classroom learning and discussion through a live case study;
• engage in work related assessment;
• undertake primary research through direct observation and discussions with the operations managers.