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Embracing diversity in a University without limitations

Are you looking for the university that will help you achieve your goals and dreams? The university that will embrace your uniqueness, encourage your creative thinking, and strengthen your business ideas?

UCLan Cyprus, also known as the British University of Cyprus, cares about you and your needs. It offers excellent Cypriot-British higher education combined with the best possible student experience, both at the undergraduate and postgraduate level.

UCLan Cyprus has been operating in Larnaca since 2012 and is under the academic umbrella of the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) in the United Kingdom. It is fully licensed by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, and Youth of Cyprus and is also recognised as a branch of UCLan UK by the UK Quality Assurance Agency (UK QAA).

Built on strong academic principles, UCLan UK, as the parent university, has a history of more than 190 years and is considered one of the most distinguished and richest public universities in the United Kingdom.

Thanks to this unique synergy, UCLan Cyprus’ graduates can receive a double degree from UCLan Cyprus and UCLan UK, fully recognised in Cyprus, the United Kingdom, Europe, and beyond.


By studying at UCLan Cyprus, you have the opportunity to receive an authentic British higher education without the expenses of studying and living in England. Specifically, the average cost of studying at any university in England is three times higher than at UCLan Cyprus. You can also apply for one of the scholarships offered by the university or take advantage of the lower tuition fees in certain study programmes for September 2023 admissions.

Learn more about the scholarships offered here.


Become a member of UCLan Cyprus community and study at one of the most modern, innovative, award-winning, and fully accredited campuses in Cyprus. Discover the state-of-the-art Media Studio, where creativity comes to life with access to the latest TV and multimedia production technologies. Explore the impressive Sports Lab, which offers a full range of measurements and tests for professional athletes. Experience the remarkable Moot Court, the first of its kind in a university in Cyprus. Enjoy the brand-new university cafeteria, as well as many other places that will make your student life exciting.


UCLan Cyprus is the ideal university for those who envision and strive for a better future, desiring to develop their skills and talents. The new video campaign of the British University invites you to unlock your potential and embark on a unique journey of knowledge. Proud of its diverse community of over 30,000 students, UCLan Cyprus celebrates the creativity, entrepreneurial thinking, and talents of its students. The new campaign emphasises UCLan Cyprus’s commitment to being next to students, empowering their abilities, and supporting their dreams.

Watch the university’s new campaign here.

Furthermore, in celebration of Pride Month, UCLan Cyprus proudly demonstrated its commitment to equality and respect by colouring the steps of the main entrance. This colourful action symbolised the university’s dedication to creating an inclusive environment, irrespective of sexual orientation or gender identity.


Visit the website of the British University of Cyprus now and discover all the study programmes offered by the School of Management & Business, the School of Law, and the School of Science. Alternatively, you can find out all information by arranging an online session with one of the university’s experienced Admissions Counsellors.

You can also enjoy a unique virtual tour of all areas of UCLan Cyprus and get a glimpse of the experience that awaits you at the British University of Cyprus. Start your browsing here.