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Emotional Display & Interaction Rules on employee Burnout

School of Business & Management
Research Seminar Series

Thursday 19th February 2013, 12:30 – 13:30  Room CY014

Investigating the Effects of Emotional Display &
Interaction Rules on Employee Burnout

Presented By: Dr Panayiotis Constanti

The paper outlines an exploratory investigation of the effects of emotional display and interaction rules on employee burnout.  Findings from seventy-three completed questionnaires, administered to professionals currently working in managerial hospitality positions in Cyprus, indicated a significant positive association between organisational emotional display rules, and both emotional exhaustion and depersonalization.  Furthermore, a significant positive association between organisation-specific interaction rules and personal accomplishment was revealed.  The implication is that individuals, who follow organisational rules and procedures, are more likely to fulfil their work objectives, while simultaneously enhancing their feelings of personal accomplishment.