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Jean Monnet Module Guest Lecture

The Jean Monnet Module at the Law School of UCLan Cyprus under the Erasmus+ programme 2014-2020, cordially invites you to a guest lecture by Dr Constantinos Kombos, Assistant Professor of Public Law, University of Cyprus, on the 12th of November 2014 at 18:30 entitled:

‘The Economic Crisis as Constitutional Crisis -Impact on National Constitutional Orders and on the EU’

Welcoming drinks start at 18:00
Venue: Moot Court Room
RSVP: [email protected]

The 2008 Global Financial Crisis produced new Constitutional Stories, especially in the EU context. The task is to assess the impact of the crisis on Constitutions and also the impact of Constitutions on the handling of the crisis. Therefore, the research question is whether because of the Financial Crisis, the Law is in Crisis?

In terms of structure, the lecture is divided in ve parts: (1) Setting the Framework, (2) The EU Response to the Crisis, (3) The CJEU and the Light Revie w, (4) The National Judicial Response, (5) The ECtHR has a Sa y. The conclusion reached states that the CJEU has shown too much respect to political primacy, thus avoiding constitutional jurisdiction. Nonetheless, the legitimacy of the EU legal system depends on the application of the Rule of Law. That legitimacy is the key and National Constitutional Steering is the solution. The national constitutional order needs to rise to the challenge and reach a solid conclusion that sees crisis laws as not being special laws. As such, the review of the emergency legislation should be at least the same in intensity as that reserved for all other legal instruments, irrespective of their thematic content. The concept of legitimacy should be at the core of restructuring the EU ‘constitutional’ legitimacy, with the emphasis being on the National constitutional order.