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UCLan Cyprus’ BSc (Hons) Mathematics and Statistics Programme receives prestigious accreditation from the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (IMA)

UCLan Cyprus proudly announces that its esteemed BSc (Hons) Mathematics and Statistics programme has been accredited by the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (IMA), a professional and learned society for qualified mathematicians in the United Kingdom.

This accreditation signifies that the programme meets the rigorous educational standards required for the Chartered Mathematician (CMath) designation, recognising high levels of professionalism and competence in mathematics and its applications.

The IMA is renowned as the United Kingdom’s leading professional body for mathematicians, and the CMath designation is its highest professional qualification, awarded to mathematicians who demonstrate a commitment to staying abreast of advances in mathematical knowledge and its practical applications.

The Chartered Mathematician designation is a significant achievement and is paramount for the following reasons:

  1. Validation by Employers: Employers highly value the CMath designation as it serves as an external benchmark, affirming the quality and integrity of their employees’ work. This recognition is a testament to the program’s commitment to producing graduates of exceptional quality.
  2. Recognition and Confidence: Achieving Chartered Mathematician status demonstrates your exceptional abilities and unwavering commitment to the field of mathematics. It also provides a boost to your self-confidence and allows you to become part of a professional community of mathematicians, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing.
  3. Professional Distinction: For those working within smaller teams of mathematicians within larger organizations, the CMath designation ensures that your skills are appropriately recognized. It sets you apart as a professional mathematician who upholds the highest standards of excellence.

UCLan Cyprus is proud to offer a BSc (Hons) Mathematics and Statistics programme that not only meets the stringent standards set by the IMA but also prepares students for a successful and fulfilling career in mathematics and its applications. This accreditation underscores the programme’s commitment to academic excellence and the development of highly skilled mathematicians.

Find more information about UCLan Cyprus’ BSc (Hons) Mathematics and Statistics programme here.