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UCLan Cyprus celebrates research achievements in the EU-Funded PRESERVERE Project

The dedicated team at UCLan Cyprus, led by Dr. Athanasia Hadjigeorgiou, Deputy Head of the School of Law, and Dr. Katerina Kalaitzaki, Lecturer in EU Public Law, is proud to announce the successful completion of the two-year EU-funded PRESERVERE project.

Few words about the PRESERVERE project:

The project is concerned with fighting intolerance, racism, xenophobia and discrimination against vulnerable ethnic and racial groups and, in particular, Roma, Jews, Muslims and people of African descent. Starting from the premise that any system tasked with protecting the vulnerable from discrimination must, first and foremost, rely on an effective legal framework, the project implements activities concerned with the better enforcement of the law. Learn more here.


The project, with a primary focus on enhancing the implementation of the EU anti-racism legal framework, has culminated in the release of some useful educational resources, that can be found below:

Major Project Outcomes:


A major outcome of the extensive research conducted for the PRESERVERE project is the release of an accessible e-book titled “The Implementation of the EU Anti-Racism Legal Framework in 6 European States: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Malta, and the Netherlands.”

The e-book delves into the anti-racism legal frameworks of each of the six EU Member States mentioned, providing in-depth insights. It also includes an analysis of the current EU anti-discrimination legal framework, with a focus on the Racial Equality Directive and Victims’ Rights Directive. Furthermore, a dedicated chapter offers a comparative analysis between the different countries. The e-book is available for download here.


Additionally, the team at UCLan Cyprus is excited to unveil the PRESERVERE educational e-platform, accessible in four different languages: English, Greek, Italian, and Bulgarian. This platform is designed for legal professionals, frontline workers, trainers, or anyone interested in gaining a foundational understanding of EU anti-discrimination law.

The PRESERVERE educational e-platform provides essential knowledge and skills related to preventing and combatting racism and xenophobia. Its focus is on enhancing the effective implementation of the European legal framework that has been transposed in Member States. It can be accessed here.


Another noteworthy result stemming from this project is the development of the PRESERVERE training toolkit. This toolkit has been created to provide legal and frontline professionals valid, credible, and easily accessible learning resources.

Aimed at enhancing the knowledge and skills of professionals in these critical fields, the PRESERVERE training toolkit serves as a valuable platform for continuous education. Interested individuals can explore this toolkit here.

As part of the commitment to fostering knowledge and inclusivity, UCLan Cyprus invites all interested individuals to explore these resources. Let’s spread knowledge and collectively work towards a more inclusive future!


The following photos are from the recent fair titled “Ο ρατσισμός στην κυπριακή κοινωνία: τοπικές ιδιαιτερότητες & ευρωπαϊκό πλαίσιο”, organised by the Center for Social Innovation (CSI) in collaboration with UCLan Cyprus. Dr. Athanasia Hadjigeorgiou presented the main pillars and results of the project PRESERVERE.