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What I’ve learned through online classes

We are all aware of the tragic era of Covid19 pandemic which started back in 2019. This was an unfortunate event like any crisis out there causing a drift in our normality and our lives. For the first time in many years, everything was digitalized including our education system and its delivery. Moving from the face to face(F2F) to virtual learning must have been challenging to the most of us.

 I remember myself being in my first year at UCLan Cyprus, ready to chase all various opportunities I gained and get to learn about the Cypriot culture and cuisine and explore this beautiful island. But instead of enjoying my 1st year as a BSc (Hons) Psychology student, I had to follow these new policies implemented by the government, to keep myself and everyone around me safe during the Covid-19 pandemic, while various scientists were trying to find a cure for this unprecedented disease.

Now like every other story path, there is always a lesson to learn from. Through online classes, I was able to improve my digital skills. Keep in mind, I had limited computer skills. As time passed by, I forgot how to navigate myself through electronics. But in order for me to access classes and acclimate to virtual settings, I had to dig up my skills and get familiar with new applications such as the Microsoft Teams app where our online classes were being delivered. So, the use of electronics, was definitely, a development for my digital skills. Not only, did I develop my digital skills but, I was also able to get a work-from-home job (Hooray!) The digital skills I managed to develop through online learning, were useful through the research projects I had for my studies in Psychology.

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Another thing that online classes taught me, was how to manage my time and study skills efficiently. For example, I managed to establish my studying schedule according to my online classes and tried not to waste any minute for my studying. I scheduled my weekdays’ evenings for studying my everyday classes and doing assignments. I had Saturdays for any essential revision that needed to be done and I left Sundays for myself. I was giving the time and chance to myself to relax from the studying and the work I was doing all week.

Overall, I somehow enjoyed my time at home and having online classes. I got used to the whole process and I can say that it wasn’t as bad as I thought it could be. I feel like, once I got familiar with the learning process, I started enjoying my online classes and the quality time I was spending at home.

*source: Giphy.com