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Successful student internships at our in-house Rays and Vectors student led Game Studio

Exciting news! Our game development students, on their 3rd year on BSc (Hons) Computing programme, have just wrapped up an unforgettable 3-month internship at ‘Rays and Vectors’, our in-house student-led game studio at UCLan Cyprus. As part of the Agile Professional module, students immersed themselves in a world of game programming, tackling challenging projects in distributed baking, photogrammetry and modeling, and AI.

The hands-on experience provided by this internship was invaluable for our students, who gained real-world experience and developed their skills in a supportive and dynamic environment. The opportunity to work alongside experts and in collaboration with our industrial partners in assigning tasks, allowed students to push the boundaries of what they thought was possible and bring their game development skills to the next level.

Here is what our students think about this internship:

Due to high number of similarities between the university-based game studio with real world game studios, it is safe to say …[we were]exposed to a realistic environment, and that such exposure had positive impact on our future career options. Being familiar with industry requirements, constraints, processes and methodologies is always an advantage for a student who is seeking university degree-related employment. The fact that this placement counts towards personal work experience and that it can be mentioned in the CV helps even further.

This placement will help me a lot after I graduate because I will be able to show this placement certificate with confidence at any job interview or CV.

This placement has been a great experience for me, as I want to follow games development and aim for a job in the gaming industry.

This entire experience with the placement is something that I can reflect on in the future and will be without a doubt very useful since it drastically helped me with learning more about the gaming industry, especially photogrammetry and teamwork.

This internship is just one example of the many opportunities available to the UCLan Cyprus students as they pursue their passions in the world of game development. If you’re interested in learning more about our BSc (Hons) Computing programme and the opportunities available, you can find out more on our website and be sure to reach out to us.

Let’s take the next step in your game development journey together!