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School of Law


The course, unique to Cyprus, blends the English legal heritage with the current Cyprus law. For the benefit of our local students, education on the two systems is combined within the modules and, in those instances where the law is very different, separate Cyprus law modules are provided. Thus, our local students will graduate not only with an outstanding knowledge of both English and Cyprus law, but also have knowledge of all legal terminology in both English and Greek, besides fluency in both languages – essential in an ever more globalised world. It is important to note that the course has been designed in such a way so that students can avoid if they want all instruction in Cyprus law, be taught entirely in the English language and follow a regular UK LLB curriculum.

The theory of law is well-represented with two modules (Thinking and Arguing Law, and Jurisprudence), charting 2,500 years of legal philosophy from Plato to Aquinas, Bentham to Herbert Hart. These, together with other key modules, such as The Classical Foundations of Modern Law, teach students the latin legal terminology and knowledge of its derivation.

The compulsory module European Union Law is supplemented with EU Business Law for those wishing to acquire detailed knowledge of the single market and the regulation of anti-competitive conduct. International Law is well-served with modules in both Public International and Private International Law. In addition, human rights modules examine not only the European and International, but also the municipal legal architecture in this most vital of fields. Finally, conscious of Cyprus’ continued international outlook and the increasing transnationalisation of legal relations, a module is offered in Comparative Law.

The LLB at UCLan Cyprus is the only Law degree on the island validated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and Bar Standards Board of England and Wales. Exclusive in Cyprus, LLB graduates from UCLan Cyprus shall obtain the same qualifying law degree, with identical rights, privileges and entitlements, as any LLB graduate from an English or Welsh university. As a result, our graduates will have the opportunity to sit their professional law exams in London, for instance, without having to return to university in order to obtain a qualifying law degree first. During these challenging economic times, globally, it is important to know that a UK qualifying law degree is accepted by (law) professional bodies in a number of different countries around the world, including Cyprus.

Additionally, the LLB has also been recognised as a qualifying law degree by the Cyprus Bar Council.



YEAR 1 & 2

LW1005 Public Law 10   More Details
LW1013 Contract Law 10   More Details
LW1020 Foundations of English and Cypriot Law 5   More Details
LW1131 Introduction to Academic Study: Written Assessments 5   More Details
LW1101 Lawyers' Skills and Personal Development 10   More Details
LW2020 Legal Research and Reasoning Skills and Personal Development 10   More Details
LW1102 Legal System 10   More Details
LW1117 Classical Foundations of Modern Law 10   More Details
LW1009 Thinking and Arguing Law 10   More Details
LW1120 Comparative Law 10   More Details
LW1016 Foundations in Human Rights 10   More Details
LW1981 Student Initiated Module 10   More Details
EF1228 English for IELTS 10   More Details
EF1705 English Language I** 10   More Details
EF1706 English Language II** 10   More Details
LW1100 Family Relationships and the Law 5   More Details
LW1032 An Introduction to War Crimes Trials 10   More Details
LW1007 Law for Biodiversity 10   More Details
AL1101 Beginners French Language and Culture 10   More Details
AL1109 Beginners Russian Language and Culture 10   More Details
AC1100 Introduction to Financial Accounting 10   More Details
LW1105 Street Law 5   More Details


LW2504 Tort Law 10   More Details
LW2502 Criminal Law 10   More Details
LW2503 European Union Law 10   More Details
LW2119 Cyprus Civil and Criminal Procedure 10   More Details
LW2113 Cyprus Evidence Law 10   More Details
LW2004 Mooting and Legal Debating 10   More Details
LW2006 Consumer Law 10   More Details
LW2007 Family Law 10   More Details
LW2011 Employment Law 10   More Details
LW2022 Human Rights in Context 10   More Details
LW2013 Criminology 10   More Details
LW2025 Private International Law 10   More Details
LW2114 Cyprus Public Law and System 10   More Details
AL2431 Intermediate French 10   More Details
AL2301 Advanced French 10   More Details
AL2438 Intermediate Russian 10   More Details
AL2309 Advanced Russian 10   More Details


LW3505 Land Law 10   More Details
LW3507 Trusts and Equity 10   More Details
LW3092 Lawyers' Skills: Interviewing and Advising, Negotiation and Personal Development 10   More Details
LW3114 Cyprus Property Law 5   More Details
LW3115 Cyprus Succession Law 5   More Details
LW3007 Medicine and the Law 10   More Details
LW3010 Human Rights in a European and International Law Context 10   More Details
LW3013 Intellectual Property Law 10   More Details
LW3015 Company Law 10   More Details
LW3020 Criminal Evidence 10   More Details
LW3025 EU Single Market Law 10   More Details
LW3026 Jurisprudence 10   More Details
LW3031 Placements (work-based learning for lawyers) 10   More Details
LW3090 Dissertation 20   More Details
LW3091 Project 10   More Details
LW3034 Law Clinic 10   More Details
LW3116 Commercial Law 10   More Details
LW3118 Public International law 10   More Details
FR3061 French Language 10   More Details


In addition to the modules (including Cyprus law modules) listed above, instruction (at no further cost) is offered also in the following subjects: Cyprus mooting skills; Cyprus Employment Law; Cyprus Contract Law; Cyprus Criminal Law; Cyprus Law of Torts; Cyprus Family Law and Cyprus Company Law.

Optional modules are offered subject to student demand

** Compulsory modules for students following advanced entry route


The LLB (Hons) course at UCLan Cyprus has been accredited by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and Bar Standards Board (respectively the regulatory bodies for solicitors and barristers in England and Wales). With this important accreditation, the LLB at UCLan Cyprus is recognised as a qualifying law degree, providing exemption from the academic stage of professional legal training for those who wish to become solicitors or barristers. Additionally, the LLB by UCLan Cyprus has also been recognised as a qualifying law degree by the Cyprus Bar Council.


Graduates will hold substantive legal knowledge and key transferable skills valued highly by employers. Law graduates are highly employable in a wide-range of careers: legal profession; public and private sector administration and management; advisory services; ancillary legal professions; legal enforcement and regulation services; business, banking, insurance and financial services; primary, secondary and tertiary education.