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SOCIAL MEDIATION iDCy-Identity, Culture and Social Mediation for Cyprus

SHT-Smuggling and Human Trafficking across the Green Line

CST SM-The Social Impacts of Covid-19 in the UK and Cyprus

SG3-Sport Good Governance Game

SLAPP- Promoting Social Inclusion of People with Fewer Opportunities through the Development of Mentorship Programme for HEs Students

INSPIRE: Integrating Sport and Recreational Activities into Entrepreneurial Education in Secondary



EU-POP-Jean Monnet Module ‘European Union Law and Governance in Populist Times

SM IN PRACTICE- British High Commission in Cyprus

Human Rights- Human Rights Education in Context

Cyber Physical-Towards a Cyber Physical Social Eco Society of Systems

IREEDER- Introducing Recent Electrical Engineering Developments into undErgraduate cuRriculum

SPRING- Succession Planning and Regeneration In Family Businesses for New Growth through an innovative training programme

EU_EN4s- Diversity of Enforcement titles in cross-border debt collection in the EU

GReFORM-Good Governance enhancement through e-Learning for Sp

SM IN PRACTICE 2018 – British High Commission in Cyprus

SHERPA-Shaping the Ethical Dimensions of Smart Information Systems – A European Perspective

CSRC-Cyprus Science Research Center. Centre for STEAM Education Research

WisdomApps-Development of Wisdom Tools and Intelligent Educational Apps

ARE-PRED- Developing a Web Based Learning Environment for Supporting Students’ Argumentation Skills and reducing prejudice

KOULTOURA- Developing argument skills & epistemic cognition in difference domains

COMPASS- Evidence and Opportunities for Responsible Innovation in SMEs

FEcoGov-The Law of Financial and Economic Governance in the EU (Jean Monnet Module)