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The Law School of UCLan Cyprus is pleased to announce the establishment of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Law, Alternative and Innovative Methods (‘ICLAIM’), created in February 2017. ICLAIM is an interdisciplinary not-for-profit Centre, which closely works with UCLan Cyprus on law in the real world, socio-legal issues and disputes arising in a transnational and interdisciplinary context, at all levels of the legal order and multi-level governance (international, European and national), utilising alternative and innovative methods. In particular, ICLAIM is concerned with:

– the creation, application, implementation and enforcement of law; and with
– the settlement, mediation, negotiation, arbitration, resolution and other forms of dispute resolution.

Through, inter alia, the marketization of outputs and the securing of external funding to conduct its activities in Cyprus and beyond, ICLAIM is a vehicle for responsible research, innovation and enterprise in the aforementioned fields through:
– educational training;
– vocational training;
– engagement with the legal profession, the industry and the public; and
– social entrepreneurship and service to the community.

Initial activities of ICLAIM include a scholarly applied focus on challenges for global citizens, businesses and their states in an effort to secure real public benefit through:
– the setting-up of pilot clinic and/or service bureau schemes;
– the delivery of professional or short courses;
– the creation of related research outputs, tools and deliverables;
– collaboration, education and knowledge outreach/service to the community;
– mentoring and consulting involving students, professionals, the industry, special interest groups as well as the wider community.

Ongoing projects include a community mediation handbook, human rights training and work on ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution).

Initial activities of ICLAIM include professional training on international mediation and on case management systems as well as human right seminars open to students and professionals alike. Recently ICLAIM produced a Handbook for professionals on social mediation in Cyprus and participated as an expert partner to a two day workshop entitled ‘Social Mediation in Practice’ held at UCLan Cyprus. Participants included graduate students of the Law School, members of the police force of Cyprus and NGOs. They were trained on ICLAIM’s Handbook, were given lectures from a socio-legal and psychological perspective and carried out interactive activities. The workshop took place in the framework of the ‘Social Mediation in Practice’ project funded by the Institute of Citizenship, Society and Change based at UCLAN (UK). For more information on the project visit www.social-mediation.org

In May 2018, under section 22 of the Alternative Dispute Resolution for Consumer Disputes Law of 2017 (L.85(I)/2017), the Consumer Protection Authority of the Ministry of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism of the Republic of Cyprus approved ICLAIM as an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) entity for (a) consumer goods contracts (online and non-online) as well as (b) consumer services contracts (online and non-online), including financial contracts, but excluding construction contracts. ICLAIM commenced its operations as an ADR entity in June 2018. For more information visit https://www.iclaimcentre.org/consumer-adr-entity/

ICLAIM resident members are credited with local, regional and global initiatives focusing on very diverse fields of the law in the real world, through alternative and innovative methods. They work very closely with internationally respected and distinguished researchers and academics as well as key industry partners and professionals, including in the public sector, in Cyprus, Europe and the wider region. They are also assisted by interns.

You can visit our offices at the UCLan Cyprus campus and our website http://iclaimcentre.org/. ICLAIM’s phone number is 24694096.

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