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Library Opening Times

During term time the Library will be open from 08:30 to 20:30 from Monday to Friday and Saturday from 09:00 to 14:00.

Please note that these times may be subject to change during the holiday periods.

Last entry to the Library is 20 minutes before building closing time.

Announcements will be made to remind customers that they need to leave the Library 10 minutes before the building closes.

The renewals web page contains full details on how you can renew your Library items – even when the Library is closed.

Monday – Friday: 09:00 –17:00

The Library staff will be available from Monday to Friday 09:00 to 17:00.

If you need further assistance you can email us at [email protected] or call us at +357 24694020 or +357 24694100.

Contact Details

For Library queries you can contact us in one of the following ways:

Telephone: 24694020, or 24694100
Email: [email protected]
In Person: at the Enquiry Desk in the Library

If you need help with Library resources for your assignments or research, please contact our Enquiry Desk team who can help with:

• Finding library resources beyond the catalogue
• Selecting and searching a database
• Locating an e-journal article
• Using e-books

Please see the Library opening hours web page for full details of when support is available.

Library Catalogue

UCLan Cyprus library provides thousands full-text journals and eBooks in electronic form, which you can access on and off campus.

Go straight to the library catalogue

The Library Catalogue contains details of every item owned by the library whether it is in print or electronic format.

Use the catalogue to search for books, DVD’s and other material, place a reservation or check your own Library Account.

Go straight to my library account

Your library account allows you to:
• Renew items you have borrowed (online)
• Check the details of books you have borrowed in the past 12 months
• Check the current status of any reservations you have made


The UCLan Cyprus Library Catalogue has now been optimised for use on mobile phones. Our new, convenient and easy to access Mobile Catalogue is now available.

The catalogue will work on Smartphone interfaces including iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7 and Blackberry.

All functions are available allowing you to renew and reserve items, view your library account and link to eResources.

Rules and Regulations


  • ID cards issued by the University are not transferable from one person to another. Unauthorised use of ID cards is deemed to be the responsibility of the user and lost or stolen ID cards must be reported immediately to Library staff. A charge of €10.00 is levied for replacement cards. Users of the Library are reminded that they must be willing to show their ID cards or other identification when requested to do so by staff whilst in the Library.
  • Members can only use their own identity card for borrowing and loans must not be transferred from one member to another. The transfer of identity cards is not permitted and disciplinary action will be taken in such instances.
  • Passwords and usernames to access services provided by the Library are for use only by the named Member and must not be shared. Disciplinary action will be taken in such instances where sharing takes place and Members may render themselves liable for additional action by third party suppliers of services


  • The Library is not responsible for loss of, or damage to, the personal belongings of its users and visitors.  Users must take reasonable precautions against theft of their belongings, and must not leave belongings unattended even for a very short period.
    Tables/PCs may not be reserved by depositing clothing or private property on the adjacent seat. Articles left unattended may be removed by Library staff but will be returned on request at the Reception Desk.
  • All users are required to conduct themselves quietly throughout the Library and conversation between users must be kept to a reasonable level.  No conversation is permitted in those parts of the Library designated as ‘Silent Study’ areas.
  • No use of mobile phones is permitted in the Library. Mobile phones should be switched off or switched to silent mode on entering the library. A charge, as determined by the Director of the Library, will be levied for the misuse of mobile phones.
  • Users should not make use of mains electrical supplies to power their own equipment, including external storage devices.
  • Eating and drinking is not permitted in the Library
  • Action will be taken against any person misusing furniture, facilities or materials.  Any such person may be required to pay for the making good of damage or loss.
  • Direct use of photocopying facilities, and disseminating and receiving photocopies of copyright material, is subject to copyright law and to the terms of the relevant licence (see Copyright Code of Practice)
  • Users must not deface or otherwise damage books or other items of Library property.
  • Users must enter and leave the Library by the main doors. Fire exits are for emergency use only. Areas marked “Library Staff Only”, should not be entered without invitation.
  • Personal belongings are brought into the Library at the owner’s risk and should not be left unattended. They may be examined and removed by Library staff at any time if left unaccompanied.
  • Users not conducting themselves in a satisfactory manner in the Library may be required by any member of the Library or security staff to leave the building. Suspension of Library services and or disciplinary fines may also be levied.


  • Users must inform the University immediately of any change of address.
  • Users may borrow up to the maximum number of items allowed for their category of membership.
  • The period of loan, if any, for each item is determined by the Director of the Library.
  • All items must be returned on or before the date or time due.
  • Items may normally be renewed, subject to no other User requiring them, to the maximum number of renewals.  In these cases, the items must be returned to the shelves, and cannot be renewed. Outstanding charges may also prevent renewals.
  • Charges are payable for the late renewal, late return or non-return of all items.
  • Items not returned will be deemed to have been lost by the User and the User’s library borrowing rights may be withdrawn until the matter has been resolved to the satisfaction of the Library.   If an item(s) is still not returned a replacement fee, together with any outstanding charges will be levied and applied to a user’s account. Should the item(s) subsequently be returned the replacement costs will be deducted from the amount payable but the other charges will remain.
  • Users may be required to satisfy Library staff that the items being removed from the Library have been properly issued, and to reveal the contents of any bag or other container, or of pockets, if the exit-gate alarm is set off, or if there are other reasonable grounds for suspicion.
  • Anyone removing or attempting to remove Library material without authority may have their Library rights suspended or be fined, or both.
  • Where damage to an item has been inflicted, (e.g. by removal of pages from a book or journal) in an attempt to remove an un-issued item from the library, the person will be invoiced for the repair or full replacement value of the item or items in question at the discretion of the Director of Library.
  • Users who are staff and students of the University damaging or attempting to damage material or to deliberately remove material from the Library without authorisation will be dealt with under the appropriate University HR procedures.