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UCLan Cyprus is a British university in Cyprus. So apart from giving you the quality of British education, we would also like to give you the opportunity to take initiatives and create clubs and societies which will be of great interest to you. Members of clubs and societies have a very important role on the U.K. campus as they give students the opportunity to develop interests and enrich their University experience.

In order to set up clubs and societies will we need motivated students who will organise them with our assistance.

How do you get started

Think of hobbies and interests you have and find another 8-9 students who share similar interests and come to visit us at the Student Support Office. We will help you ‘spread the news’ and assist you in setting up the club/society.

Initial clubs and societies:

  • Football club
  • Hiking club
  • Latin Dance club
  • Business society
  • Boxing Club
  • Law society
  • Computers society
  • Comic Con Club
  • Stretching Club

Please let us know of any interests you have (as strange as they may be) and we will do our best to support you!

What can Clubs and Societies offer to the Student Experience

Extra-curricular activities allow you to continue or initiate a personal interest or a curriculum related area of development. It gives students the opportunity to build a network that could have a lifelong impact.

  • Get students involved in university life
  • Get to know more students and make friends
  • Feel closer to the student community
  • Create new memories and experiences
  • Gain experience in organising events

Student Initiations

During the first year of studying, students have taken the initiative to form the following clubs and societies and took part or organised the following events:

  • Law students have formed the UCLan Cyprus Law society. During the year they organised a food and clothing gathering during Christmas and took part in a number of Law seminars taking place throughout the year.
  • Students from the business school have created the UCLan Cyprus Business Society. These students participated in the Panorama for Entrepreneurship and various business seminars organised at UCLan Cyprus.
  • A futsal team was formed and weekly they played against a group of staff members. Who do you think was the winner?
  • The course representatives and the Entertainment club organised nights out to local bars. They managed to arrange special prices for students and successfully organised a number of student parties.
  • Some of our eager students requested language lessons for beginners in Greek and Russian. These classes were set up and students had the opportunity to begin learning another language.

Meeting Cyprus – Staying Active

Cyprus has many hidden treasures such as museums, archaeological sites, old churches and beautiful nature sights.
If you have been to any of these places, or would like to go, let us know! This will create a wonderful opportunity to learn more about Cyprus but will also give you the opportunity to meet students with similar interests.