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BA(Hons) Business Administration


Available for January 2019 Entry

The BA (Hons) in Business Administration programme places emphasis on the functional, operational and strategic coordination of business activities. Throughout the course students develop an understanding of how organisational processes enable organisations to respond to external conditions in the market and the wider environment. Students gain a theoretical understanding of the nature of business and organisations, whilst developing practical skills, problem solving, risk assessment, group work and personal initiative.

This programme follows a rationale based on the principles of studying organisations as separate functions, interdependent operations and strategic entities.

It provides students with the necessary theoretical knowledge and managerial skills to be locally and internationally competitive. It promotes and emphasizes employability through modules such as “Employability and PDP” and “Personal and Professional Development for Business”. It cultivates innovative thinking through modules such as “Managerial Decision Making” and addresses contemporary issues in strategic planning, environmental scanning and operations management. Further to the traditional management route, the programme enables students to enhance their knowledge in a particular area by selecting a pathway in Finance, in HRM or in Marketing.

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Year 1

• Principles of Economics
• Introduction to Accounting & Finance
• Introduction to Mathematics & Statistics
• Academic Writing

• Managing People – Enterprise skills
• Business in Context
• English Language I
• English Language II
• University Elective

Year 2

• The External Business Environment
• Introduction to Business Functions
• Business and Management Project Essentials
• Data Communication

Year 3

• Planning your career OR Employability and PDP
• Management of Operations
• Global Environment of Business
• Managerial Decision-making

• Introduction to Financial Services Markets
• Business Analysis and Operations
• Marketing Principles for Business
• Developing Business Plans
• Student Initiated Module (SIM)
• Web-based e-commerce Systems
• Business and Economics in the European Union
• The Economics of Sport
• Managing Personnel and Human Resources
• Research Methods

Year 4

• Contemporary Issues in Business
• Business Strategy
• Personal and Professional Development for Business

• Financial Management for Business
• Risk and Capital Markets
• International Financial Environment
• International Financial Economics

• Evaluating HRM
• Coaching and Mentoring
• Learning and Development

• Introduction to International Marketing Management
• Marketing of Services
• Direct, Digital and Database Marketing

• Europe and the World Economy Advanced Dynamic Webpages & Content Management Systems
• Enterprise Project
• Dissertation
• Student Initiated Module (SIM)


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*subject to student numbers

Career Options

The programme covers a spread of business topics that prepares candidates for a wide range of business careers. Employability is embedded in this programme which contains several features that support working lives; an emphasis on through-life learning and personal development, reflective practice, teamwork and client skills, as well as contact with businesses through applied projects and cases.

In addition, the subject material of the programme covers multinational and global corporations, local businesses, small and medium sized enterprises and start-up. This broad relevance, when joined with the personal capacity that the programme engenders, creates capable individuals whose value is recognised by employers and who have the capability to create work, as well as to seek it successfully.

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