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Ms Andrea Manoli

Lecturer in Foundations of English and Cypriot Law

[email protected]

+357 24 69 4097


PhD in Law (Law Based – Multidisciplinary Research 01/2018 – viva pending)

  • Thesis title: “The beasts unleashed by systemic failings: the socio-legal consequences of the sexual exploitation of children on the Island of Cyprus”

MA in Security & Diplomacy (University of Central Lancashire Cyprus, 2017)

LLM in International Commercial Law (University of Nottingham, 2015)

LLB (Hons) (University of Leicester, 2013)

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (ITTTU, 2016)

Arbitrator (University of Central Lancashire Cyprus, 2017)

Advocate – Admitted to the Bar on 2015


Human Rights, Children rights, Criminal Law, Rule of Law, Legal History


Employment Track

Lecturer in Foundations of English and Cypriot Law (09/2021- Present)

Associate Lecturer, UCLan Cyprus (09/2019-08/2021)

Board Member, Licensing Authority (01/2019- 06/2021)

Associate, Annita Demetriou Press Representative of the Presidential Campaign of President of the Republic of Cyprus Mr. Nikos Anastasiades (10/2017-04-2018)

Lawyer, Dr. Andreas P.  Poetis & Co. LLC (06/2014 – 07/ 2018)

Assistant, Tasos Mitsopoulos (MP’S Office) (06-2007- 12-2007)

Apprentice, Dr. Andreas P. Poetis & Co LLC (05-2007)



Cyprus Bar Association (2015-2017)

Lions Liberty Larkana (2016- Present)

ICLAIM (2019- Present)


Research Interests

  • Criminal Law (with specialization on sexual offences)
  • Criminology
  • Human Rights and Civil Liberties (specialization on Children Rights)
  • International Relations and their interaction with the Law
  • Peacebuilding
  • History of the law
  • Rule of Law
  • Populism


Roles and Responsibilities

Teaching and Course Leadership

  • Current Legal Issues in Cyprus
  • Street Law
  • Employment Law

Administrative Roles

  • Member and Representative of PhD Students, School of Law UCLan Cyprus
  • Research Fellow, Jean Monnet Module, “European Union Law and Governance in Populist Times”, UCLan Cyprus (2019-2022) (see
  • Member of the Academic Editorial Team of the UCLan Cyprus Law Blog (2020-Present) (see
  • Member of the Editorial Team of the Interdisciplinary Journal of Populism (see


Selective Publications/ Blog posts



Selective Conferences


  • UNIC Colonial Cyprus (1878-1960) International Conference in Memory of Aristides Coudounaris- Presented “Children’s Rights during Colonialism: The Case Study of the Crown Colony of Cyprus”, Nisosia, 7-8 February 2020
  • Επιτροπή Βιοηθικής Κύπρου «Παιδί και Βιοηθική» – Παρουσίαση «Το Βέλτιστο Συμφέρον του Παιδιού», 4-8 November 2019, University of Nicosia
  • Postgraduate Law Conference Cyprus – Presented “Modern Colonialism: The case-study of the Island of Cyprus”, UCLan Cyprus, 21 June 2019
  • LLS Conference – Presented “The triangular nexus: The legal relationship between the Republic of Cyprus, the United Kingdom and the SBAs”, Preston UK, February 2018



  1. Research Scholar of the Jean European Union Law and Governance in Populist Times (Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, 2019-2022)
  2. National Research Consultant: Determinants of Anti- Trafficking Efforts (Funded by the British Institute of International and Comparative Law, April- August 2021)
  3. Coordinator of the Project: Smuggling and Human Trafficking across the Green Line (Funded by the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, 1st August 2021 – 31st January 2022)
  4. Researcher, “The Social Impacts of COVID-19 in the UK and Cyprus: a mixed methods exploration of individual and community- level experiences (funded by UCLan’s research Centre for Sustainable Transition)

Other Scholarly activities:

  • Administrator of the Law Academy and CPD Courses of UCLan Cyprus 2021

Short Courses/Licences:

  1. Yale University – Moral Foundations of Politics (15 January 2019, verify at
  2. University of Harvard – Child Protection: Children’s Rights in Theory and Practice (29 May 2019, valid certificate ID d4c3efaeb7734a7bb2f7a0255c94f3ca)
  • Leiden University – Certificate in Terrorism & Counter-terrorism (3 May 2018, verify at
  1. Universite de Genève – Certificate in Children’s Rights: An Interdisciplinary Introduction (8 August 2018, verify at
  2. University of Central Lancashire Cyprus – How to Draft an International Arbitration Award (23-24 November 2018)
  3. University of Central Lancashire Cyprus– Global Series on Cyber Security (29-30 November 2018)
  • University of Central Lancashire Cyprus– Arbitration Certificate (Intermediate Level- Level 1 November- January 2015-2016, Associate Arbitrator – Level 2 October- December 2016)
  • ITTU– Tefl (Teaching English as a Foreign Language, 15 February 2017 Verification ID ITTT00201084)