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Professional ACCA Course

The Professional ACCA Course of the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) Cyprus and the Institute of Professional Studies (IPS) is designed to provide high quality training by renowned Instructors with highly successful passing rates. Efficient teaching is a priority with small number of students per class, more teaching and revision hours per person and more exam question practice.

Because ACCA Qualifications:

  • High employability rate
  • Unrivalled global network
  • Over 178,000 members and 455,000 students in 181 countries
  • Approved by 7,100 employers globally
  • Over one hundred years of proven reputation for quality and excellence
  • ACCA Qualifications are based on international accounting standards
  • ACCA Qualifications are recognised by key regulatory and education authorities around the world

WHY choose the IPS?

  • Lecturers with successful passing rates
  • Innovative teaching methods
  • Small number of students in class
  • More exam question practice per hour
  • Competitive fees
  • Extensive Examination preparation and Mock Examination Sessions
  • Students Support & Professional Development Guidance

Programme Structure
The module structure of the IPS ACCA courses includes all the Essential Professional Level Modules and the two most popular Optional Professional Level Modules: Professional Essentials Modules P1: Governance, Risk and Ethics P2: Corporate Reporting P3: Business Analysis Professional Optional Modules P6: Advanced Taxation P7: Advanced Audit and Assurance

The ACCA Team

Qualifications: BA, MBA, FCCA

Work Experience:

  • Currently Internal Audit senior officer at AstroBank PLC
  • 16 Years Business Analyst at USB BANK PLC
  • Member of the Insolvency Committee at ICPAC

Teaching Experience:

  • 13 Years Teaching Experience
  • ACCA, Universities Courses
  • Students Been Awarded With ACCA Prizes (P1 And P3) both in Cyprus and abroad

Qualifications:BA, ACA


  • 15+ Years audit industry experience
  • Worked in Big4 and medium size audit firms

Teaching Experience:

  • 8 Years ACCA, ACA teaching experience
  • Specialized in ACA UK Tax, ACCA F6 UK, ACCA F6 CY V, ACCA P6 CY
  • External marking for educational institutions in Cyprus (ACCA/ACA)

Qualifications: BA, FCCA

Work Experience:

  • Principal at KPMG, 15 years of experience
  • Member of IFRS Helpdesk team, providing technical support, guidance and advice on IFRS technical matters to KPMG’s customers and staff

Teaching Experience:

  • SBR lecturer for more than 5 years
  • IFRS seminars


CourseTotal HoursInitial Fees (€)Discounted Corporate FeesSpecial Launch Event Discounted Fees
Strategy Business Leader120130011701170
Strategy Business Reporting100990890890
Advanced Taxation90990890890
Advanced Audit and Assurance60850765765

Click here to download the ACCA day-to-day schedule for June – December 2021.