Professional English

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English for Professional Purposes (EPP)

*Evening classes

Our EPP course is an introductory course perfect for busy professionals wanting to improve their Business English and communication skills. Ideal if you are aiming for a promotion or planning a career in a more international environment.

This course will introduce you to the following topics:

  •  Improve your overall formal and informal communication skills
  • Learn how to construct effective and convincing emails in English.
  • Develop you writing style on social media platforms.
  • Improve conversational skills for different meeting contexts; speak more accurately and fluently.
  • Develop your personalised presentation style for professional situations.
  • Build your confidence to express your personality and potential. Develop your professional persona.
  • Improve your grammar and develop your professional vocabulary.
  • Communicate as a culturally aware professional.


Course Type No of Weeks No of Hours Times a week Start Date End Date
Emails, Telephone, Networking, Presentations, Meetings & Socialising 15 60 Tuesdays and Thursdays Start date depends on registrations


English for Specific Purposes:

Course Type No of Weeks No of Hours Times a week Start Date End Date
English for Specific Purposes* 15 60 Tuesdays and Thursday Start date depends on registrations



Legal Professions HR
Logistics Trainees for Hospitality and Catering
Aviation English for Telecoms and IT
Tech Talk ( Tech/ Industrial/ Scientific sectors) Tourism
Engineering Sales and Purchasing
Fashion Industry Energy Industry
Cabin Crew Nursing
Football Technology
Finance Commerce
Oil and Gas Customer Care
Automotive Industry Socialising
Pharmaceutical Meetings
Negotiating Marketing and Advertising