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Guaranteed Job Opportunities within our Network

  • Over 90% of graduates directly employed after completion of training
  • Cooperation with local and International Companies
  • Over 600 hours of practical training
  • Flexible Schedules – Evening Courses
  • Placement Opportunities

Welding Practical Courses


  • Simulation on Basic Welding Skills
    • Position
    • Speed
    • Arc Length/Angle
    • Welding Voltage
  • Basic welding machinery operations
  • Preparation of welding specimens and operation of related machinery
  • Introductory Basic MMA welding on Steel Plates, Positions: 1F – 4F and 1G – 4G
  • Certification by TUV Austria MMA 4G – steel plate


Oil & Gas Pipeline Welding

  • TIG Welding positioning and handling training
  • TIG Welding – on steel pipe 1G – 6G
  • MMA/TIG Welding Combination Welding – on steel pipe 5G – 6G
  • Certification by TUV Austria MMA/TIG 6G – steel pipe
  • Pipe: diameter 8”and above, thickness 8-11,5 mm

Stainless Steel Welding

  • TIG Welding positioning and handling training
  • TIG Welding – on stainless steel plates 1F – 4F
  • TIG Welding – on stainless steel pipe
  • Certification by TUV Austria

Aluminium Welding

  • TIG Welding positioning and handling training
  • TIG Welding – on aluminum plates 1G – 4G/1F – 4F
  • Certification by TUV Austria TIG 4G – aluminum plate

Metal Construction Structures Welding

  • Blueprint Reading for Metal Structure Welding
  • MIG Welding positioning and handling training
  • Certification by TUV Austria

Pipe Preparation and Pipefitting

  • Blueprint Reading for Welders and Pipefitter
  • Basic Pipefitting Skills
  • Pipefitting Practical Training

*Specific Number of Job Positions offered each year through the Network of Co-operations of the Institute (given the successful completion of the course). The high level and skills of the IPS graduate welders, increases the available job positions every year.